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» Home Gopi Solutions - 44mm x 150' 1-Ply Bond Paper (100 Rolls) » 44mm x 150' 1-Ply Bond Paper (100 Rolls)

Item Name:    44mm x 150' 1-Ply Bond Paper (100 Rolls)

Item Code:     1PP08

Sale Price:

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44mm x 150' 1-Ply Bond Paper (100 Rolls)
This fits:
Casio 1000ER, 1100ER, 2000ER, 2100ER, 2108ER, 2200, 2202ER, 2204ER, 2304ER, 2404ER, 2408ER, 3205ER, 3207ER, 3404ER, 3408ER, 3508ER, 3800ER, 4100SR, 4200SR, 4404ER, 4420ER, 4430ER, 4600ER, 4612ER, 6118ER, 6130ER, 8100ER, 8102ER, 8110ER, 8200ER, 8300ER, 8400ER, CE2300, CE3100, CE3115, CE3215, CE3500, CE3530, CE3630, CE3830, CE4115, CE4200, CE4500, CE4530, SA2000, SR6, TK1000, TK1100, TK1200, TK1300, TK2000, TK2100, TK2600, TK2700, TK4000, TK4300, TK700, TK710
Datasym 6000
Data Terminal Systems 200 Rec.
Delta 700
Jay 540, 560, 561, 562, 580, 585, 625, 630, 640, 645
JCM 2200 series, 3800 series
NCR 2170
Samsung ER1710, ER2710, ER2715, ER5100
Sharp ER-A320, ER-A330, ER-A440, ER-A460, ER-A470, ER-A550, ER-A550S, ER-A570, ER-A610
TEC FS1450, FS1650, MA1350, MA1450, MA1650
Tokheim 190, MEMS V
Uniwell Ser. U100, Ser. U300
Victor 2004, 2008, 2700, 3000, 3008
And many more!
100 ROLLS PER CASE: 44mm (Width) x 2 7/8" (Diameter)

Core Size = 7/16"

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