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Surveillance Camera Systems

Gopi Solutions introduces you to a new generation of security systems.

The DVR Technology

DVR, an abbreviation of Digital Video Recorder, processes the video in digital way. So it enables the continuous recording without changing videotapes and provides the clear images like pictures. Accordingly, it is the next generation digital monitoring equipment quickly replacing the existing analogue CCTV camera equipment.

The existing CCTV cameras use the analogue method to record images on the tapes. So it is required to frequently change the videotapes and the resolution of the recorded images is inferior. On the contrary, DVR (Digital Video Recorder) processes video images as digital method. So it enables the recording for a long time without replacement of videotapes and provides the clear images in high resolution without degradation of image qualities even though the tapes are played several times.

In addition, DVR has the real time image transmission and remote control function on Internet. Then, it is evaluated as the most appropriate video monitoring system for the government, organizations and companies that have been integrated by network.

DVR allows you to:

1. Easily search through pre-recorded images and find what you are looking for in seconds.
2. Have maintenance free operation for years, while digital drives continue recording. No more changing
3. Set-up remote monitoring insuring security around the clock. View what's happening at your
    business from anywhere in the world.
4. Experience high quality images with no deterioration over time. No more squinting, as digital video is
    sharp and video information is easy to see.
5. Output video to CD's, DVD's or external hard drives for long-term storage.
6. Be notified offsite by cell phone, pager or another offsite computer. Find out instantly if an intruder
    has entered your premises.

Why DVR's are better than VCR's:

1. No more tapes to change every day.
2. Easy to maintain the video clips.
3. Better picture quality on playback.
4. Instantly search through recorded images by time and date, without spending hours in front of a
    VCR trying to find the event you are looking for.
5. Remote viewing and recording makes managing your business easy from any off-site location.
6. Extended storage capabilities without long-term maintenance.
7. DVR offers a wide range of user-friendly functions and applicable software tools in easy to use
    graphic user interface (GUI).
8. VCR images wear out quickly and degrade over time. They are often damaged as tapes can stretch
    or even tear; leaving images that simply cannot be trusted and used effectively as evidence in court.
9. Digitally recorded images can be stored, transferred and transmitted over networks and phone line
    with no loss of image quality.
10. Digitally stored video will always look the same as the day the image were recorded.
11. Encrypted Watermarks and Thumbprints offer a level of security that your video image is always authentic and can be used as evidence in court.


With our system not only you will be able to view the images, but you may also provide passwords to allow others to view as well.


This feature gives you the opportunity to set up different access levels to every user, so they only will be able to view and perform certain activities according to what you want.


Gopi Solutions prides itself in the technical support it provides. With our backgrounds in computer hardware, software, networks and communications, as well as CCTV, we are able to provide a high degree of technical expertise. As digital surveillance products become more sophisticated, particularly in the software and communications areas, the ability to provide technical support for those products becomes of greater and greater importance.


With our exclusive software, not only you will be able to view the images, you also can record them as well.

Our system gives you the opportunity to choose what to record.

You can activate alarms and set schedules to record, while you are not in the business.


  • High speed PC
  • 19” Flat Panel LCD Monitor
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Digital Software
  • Video Capture Board
  • Video Interface Board
  • Installation
  • Remote Access Configuration
  • Technical Support
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