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Restaurant POS Systems

Gopi Solutions introduce to you to GopiPOS, the most competitive restaurant point of sale system of the market. GopiPOS is a SQL based touch on screen restaurant point of sale system. GopiPOS is very easy to learn and use. The food establishments' owners and managers will find in GopiPOS a powerful tool for the control of their sales, inventory and employment. GopiPOS can be applied in restaurants, pizzerias, nightclubs, bars, bakeries, etc. GopiPOS can be used in different languages. The capability to classify the sales by employee, product category, price, date, etc will provide you a precise reading for your running business.

Some Operating Features:

Table Services
Quick Service
Security User Levels
Unlimited popup modifiers
Multiple Payment Tenders
House Accounts
Seat Numbers
User defined Payments
Graphical Table Layout
Remote Make Line Printing
Expediter Printing
Credit Card Payment (Optional)
Intersystem messaging
Alternate Language Printing
SQL Database Backend
Price by Pound
Real Time Database Shadowing
Perpetual inventory
Multiple Food Departments
Purchase order and Vendor Management
Automatic 86 counting
Employee Scheduling and Restrictions
Ticket Recall
One Touch Repeat
Timed Day Happy Hour
User Definable Discounts
Table Transfers
One Touch Quick Cash
Multiple Levels of Pricing
Split Check Capability
Pizza Builder Functionality

Why Buy GopiPOS?
Because it offers a reliable solution to handle your business.
Because we have 24/7 technical support service.
Because it includes optional credit card processing.
Because we finance.
Because GopiPOS is the best restaurant point of sale system of the market at the best price.

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